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    Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
    5:33 pm
    wow its been forever
    It has been Sooooooooo long since i logged on here...
    i almost forgot my password :-p
    Things in life for once are starting to look up
    I had a job interview that went well the other day...
    I also met a wonderful guy named Mike from Jackson NJ
    hopefully things will work out in both those departments and ill have a new job and a new boyfriend... not to jump the gun, of course...
    Barnes and Noble is getting a lil tiring. i hate being bored at work... and im always bored...
    well see

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
    1:09 am
    Oh Another thing im happy about is my Wil is coming back to visit from Florida
    I dated him, be4 he moved, for about a month. It was an amazing month... We really hit it off, unfortunately he moved so we didnt stay together, we werent gonna do the long distance thing cause we both know we couldnt afford to visit each other often. But I am so happy that hes coming up, it will be a lot of fun.... Cant wait to see him.... I dont know why but i had to share that....

    Current Mood: excited
    12:52 am
    Its an interesting night.... I gotta be up in like 6 hours for work but im not tired so im just chillin online. I met this cute boy tonight, his name is John and he goes to school on staten island. Hes so sweet and sexy too. Hey who knows maybe something will come of it... If not hes a cool guy, wouldnt mind being friends... I wanted to kiss him so badly tonight but didnt have an oportunity.... maybe next time.... and the good thing is he was like call him so atleast i know hes interested, cause if he said ill call you than i would be worried... so im happy i guess... well see....
    anyways work is driving me a lil crazy cause i have classes now , fortunately not too much stress but enough... anyways..... Lata

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Friday, January 3rd, 2003
    12:57 am
    It sucks tonight
    I worked till like 1120 which means i got out early for once
    I wanted to go out but the roads are so ICY that i didnt think going to DETENTION was worth the trip and possible accident......aint i a cautious person... actually it was really bad on my way home so i was like forget it.... i was gonna take PT but i wouldnt get to the city till 130 and the club around 2 so that would be a dud.....
    Maybe ill go out this weekend if im parents are going away so i should be okay with that , but its whether or not im working sunday morning thats the deciding factor.... hopefully ill know by tomorrow so i can figure out what im doing, or maybe even switch the day with someone if i can.... Well see

    Current Mood: irritated
    Friday, December 27th, 2002
    10:59 pm
    Life truly sucks
    I never have a good birthday, but this year christmas was horrible
    I got sick on Christmas Eve
    I got to work at 10 on christmas eve and they made us stay late although they told us wed be out by 6 they lied and we didnt get out of there till after 7 and i had to go to my grandparents in brooklyn
    fortunatly my parents waited for me so i didnt have to go by myself
    well i slowly got worse
    Christmas Day i was horrible, coughing and shyt all day
    i didnt sleep at all that night and called out of work yesterday
    I went to the doctor he said i have sinusitis, i think its more than that but whatever he gave me is working.
    Im starting to feel a little better and im not coughing as much and not as violently and my fever is gone, YAY
    Well hopefully tomorrow Ill be able to do something cause i have to get up at 8 cause i gotta be at work at 9
    I hope im better cause i am supposed to go to scotts tomorrow night for that party at his apartment(silver party)
    Well i should go to beddie bye

    Current Mood: bored
    Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
    4:15 pm
    There is nothing to do today
    I have to edit my final project for Video Production later on. It a music video of my brothers band. RIght now i need to do something, or someone, lol but i am sooooo bored
    Im so bored im watching POKEMON

    Current Mood: bored
    2:10 am
    Hey guys
    Well my friends felt bad for not calling cause they didnt realize it was my birthday... but I fogive them, but i was upset yesterday and this morning. Tonight I got a few messages from people and I was happy to hear them, and they even brought a tear to my eye. I went to the Victory Diner tonight and saw a bunch of my friends. Tina and Ed gave me a polaroid camera sticker thingy, its cool, ill prob use it once, but its the thought. And the girls(Des, Jen and Lisa), felt bad they bought me all this stupid shyt at a Sex Expo they were at tonight. So i got gummy cock rings, and a gummy cock lollypop, anal balls(doubt ill use them, but interesting to have), massage oil and other fun stuff. So im glad i saw them tonight. Guess my bday wasnt so horrible this year.
    Brings a tear to my eye today, cause they felt really bad and i could see it was genuine. Im exhausted though and i have class tomorrow.
    Well we are gonna celebrate next week with Des's birthday also so well have a joint outing... Well have fun....

    Current Mood: content
    Monday, December 9th, 2002
    2:55 am
    Hey Guys! Well it was my birthday a few hours ago... Im now 20...YAY...
    Not sure if im excited, but its okay.... My birthday was okay... went out last night with my friend Jen to HEAVEN in manhattan.... Had a good time, but we left early cause she had work...wish i stayed later, but watever..... I still had fun
    Today I had a family party and my Best Friend Rayna came over and than we went our friends house(Melissa and Laura). And we talked about spooky shyt thats bothering me a lil bit right now cause its on my mind but ill be fine soon.......other than that i had fun.

    MY brother got me the Coyote Ugly DVD and the Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD which i wanted so im happy. I also got a watch from RAYNA and flowers too....
    Got my usual Sweater from my aunt for Christmas... I got Disney Trivial Pursuit and a black club shirt from my brothers girlfriend Nicole.... plus alot of money... hehe , always good.
    My friend Jen is getting me a Car Stereo, so im excited about that too.... YAYAYAYAY

    Current Mood: pleased
    Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
    2:08 pm
    Time to go off to work, YAYAYAYAY, jk
    Work is alright but its work.
    I get to help people find their books and shyt, isnt that great. LOL
    Oh and make sure you buy gift cards at my store, we get a bonus the more we sell
    I work at the Barnes and Noble on Staten Island.... HEHE
    1:53 pm
    Life is horrible. Sometimes I wish my life wasnt the way it was. I hate school, my parents are driving me crazy, i dont have a boyfriend, the only thing good in my life is the fact that I have a decent job, but i am overworked and underpaid so i guess its not that great. Hopefullythings will change sometime soon. I hope they will otherwise i dont think i can take it anymore. My life sux royally and thats that.
    Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
    2:34 pm
    Hey ! LALALALA Im bored wasting time be4 i go to work at Barnes and Noble. Its been crazy here lately, I need to get my life in order, i need a boyfriend too... could use someone to hold me every now and than, but instead i spend my time with friends bitching about other peoples boyfriends, lol
    Saturday, April 20th, 2002
    5:49 pm
    Im feeling in an okay mood today. I miss Wil, alot! I talked with him yesterday, hes heading out to Cali on wednesday. I dont think im gonna be able to see him in Cali cause my parents wont let me go by myself. :-(
    Hopefully they will change their minds.

    Other than that, things are okay. Just got out of work now, kinda dull day, but an easy day. i am also planning my trip to Virginia. Me and my friend Lisa are going to go down to Virginia, my friend is graduating from the Army so I want to go see him, so we are gonna make a trip out of it and well have some fun. Probably gonna hit up Kings Dominion and Virginia Beach!! Ive never been to either, should be fun... Hopefully it wont rain, but its in June so it should be fine.
    Other than that, last night I hung out with fetus Phil, he has an 11 oclock kurfew isnt that adorable. lol. I ended up at the Victory Diner as usual and just hung out there till like 2. Drama keeps building in that place. Its hilarious sometimes.
    Well whatever, lata

    Current Mood: content
    Friday, April 12th, 2002
    12:14 am
    Life Sux!!!!
    My life is not meant to be happy. Every time my life tends to run smoothly, something happens, and its never anything small. My exbf/exfriend Anthony is never gonna be out of my life. He doesnt speak to me anymore because of reasons of his own that he never told me. And I thought he was finally gonna be out of my life and I just found out that the kid I like and am also friends with, is seeing him. It is killing me inside and im not sure why i am sooo upset but Its some jealousy and some being mad at myself for taking too long to ask out my friend Ethan. Now the two of them are seeing each other and I dont know what to do or say or well I DONT KNOW. This kills me, I dont think im a horrible person. People tell me Im attractive, kind, sweet, etc..... but what does it mean if im not with anyone. Noone ever likes me in that way. I hate it, I wish that things for once might go my way. Goddess help me!!!

    Current Mood: frustrated
    Monday, April 1st, 2002
    12:35 am
    I came home from my grandmas at around 9ish and now im just sitting home doing nothing. I am a fanatic about going out , i need to get out... I get cabin fever easily. I need to go out and have some fun, or at least a ciggarette or some caffeine or something. Well whatever, I need a boyfriend, lol

    Current Mood: bored
    Sunday, March 31st, 2002
    3:38 am
    Today was a pretty good day, I hung out with Howard all last night and got home at like 630 this morning. I couldnt sleep again..... Im an Insomniac..... It sucks
    I didnt sleep than went to work in the afternoon.
    After work I hung out with Jimmy. Hes such a cutey and a cool guy. Im glad we hung out, I had a really good time. He wanted me to go to Heaven, but I wasnt feeling up to it tonite, plus I was supposed to hang out with my best friend, but she once again, did not return my call. Maybe tomorrow night, with it being Easter, maybe she wont have plans. I guess ill have to see tomorrow. I ended up at the "Victory Diner" yet again just hanging out with the singles club. Everyone that hangs there is single, its cool, but can be very depressing, isnt it fun. I think im the only one whos single and not crying over it every day. I mean it would be great to have a boyfriend, but I wont go crazy over not having one. Well, anyways, tomorrow is easter, or should i say today is easter, gotta go to my grandmas for dinner, fun fun. But i havent gone in a while, so should be good to see whole fam. Anyways, i think its time to hit the hay.

    Current Mood: happy
    Friday, March 29th, 2002
    8:47 pm
    Wow! It has been so long since i have written on here!
    Probably about a year or so. Well I am sitting at home, Hoping my parents go out for the night so I can do Whatever I want. I just found out they arent going out, So I dont know what im gonna do... Maybe ill go out anyways........
    I might go to a club, or not. Maybe Kurfew, Maybe Webster Hall, or maybe a local bar, which one? I dont know...... Or should I just hang out with people and do nothing like I always do on Fridays.......... AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Sunday, November 5th, 2000
    3:24 am
    Tonite was interesting.
    I went to my friend Robs house. We than picked up his check and than we picked up my friend ashley. We went to eat at A&W. After that we went to the pool hall and met Gill. It was packed so we went to ahng out in RT with my freinds. Ashley felt out of place so we left and tried the pool hall again. It was still packed so she went home. Than the three of us guys went to Brooklyn and drove around. We met our friends Mike and Charlie and raced a little bit in the cars. They went home, we went to Nathans, than we went home. All in all it was pretty beat of a nite.
    Friday, November 3rd, 2000
    7:53 pm
    COnfusing Nite
    What the hell is going on tonite?
    I call my best friend rob and hes sitting doin nothin waiting for me to make plans.
    I call Phil he's not home, I talk to Jasmin and shes like call phil and lori. I call lori and she says call phil and jasmin. I call back jasmin and she says call Steve. I call steve and he says beep phil and call him when phil calls me back. I call rob back and hes like call him back when I know wats goin on. Now im waiting for 3 calls and i have to call 2 people. AY CARAMBA!

    Current Mood: confused
    7:12 pm
    NO ANI
    Im not goin to the Ani concert. Im not upset cause i understand completely.
    SOme other time ill go see someone. Now Ill get to write my 7 page paper due monday. Aint I lucky. Atleast I will be able to finish it and not worry i wont do it.
    6:32 pm
    Hopefully going to see Charlies Angels tonite.
    I been wanting to see it for a while, it looks great.
    Still not sure if im going to the Ani concert on Sunday, but well see.
    Im not really an Ani fan but i dont mind going.
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